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Drink Ease: Where to Buy

United States

Drink Ease(TM) is available in: Pharmacies, Natural Food and Convenience Stores. If not, you can ask them to carry Drink Ease(TM)

Order Drink Ease(TM) toll-free from Magellan's:

Order Drink Ease Online from:

Magellan's - America's Leading Source for Travel Supplies

For Wholesale information contact:
LC Industries
2781 Katherine Way
Elk Grove Village, Il. 60007
Tel: 312-455-0500 ext 207
Fax: 312 455 0005
Email: Click here

South Africa

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For Wholesale and Retail information contact:
P.O. Box 140, Sea Point, Cape Town. 8060, Republic of South Africa.
Tel: 021 448 2677 / 0860 456 123
Fax: 021 448 2678 / 0866 161 467
Email: Click here

United Kingdom

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Importer and Inquiries:
Indigenous Great Britain Ltd
The Pines
Boars Head Crowborough
East Sussex TN6, 3HD

Tel +44 79-7793-4825(
Email: Click here

Recommended retail price £5.50.
Click here to order Drink Ease (vitamin version) on-line from The Garden Pharmacy's secure server



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