Drink Ease ?| Homeopathic Remedy to Counter Hang Overs

How to Reduce Hangovers

Eat plenty of food

Having a full stomach when you are drinking helps to slow down the effects of alcohol and reduce the severity of a hangover.

To counter alcohol's diuretic effect drink plenty of non alcoholic fluids, water or fruit juices. Do not drink coffee as that is also a diuretic.

Mixing drinks
Some think that this is the main problem for hangovers. There is little evidence to support this view. There is however some that suggests not to mix drinks made from the grape and the grain, ie don't drink wine and whisky.

Drinking water at bedtime
While this won't cure any hangover it should help to reduce the dehydration.

Sweating it out the next day can help but most people with a hangover are not in any condition to do strenuous exercise - even a walk in fresh air can help.

Lots of food
For those who are not feeling queasy eating plenty of food can help. Masochistic types choose the bigger and heavier the breakfast the better. More sensitive types might prefer dry toast.

Drink Ease
Is made from natural ingredients and designed for those who indulge, in the form of easy-to-take tablets. Using mild naturally occurring substances, Drink Ease has few if any side effects and is compatible with other medications. Drink Ease is sold in pharmacies and health food stores.



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